Custom Door Handles & Door Pulls that Stand-Out

Bring your establishment to the next level with customizable pull-handles brandishing your very own logo/design. Main Entrance Custom Handles (ME) is here to help make your visions become a reality through a streamlined and hassle-free process brought to you by our dedicated team of designers and quality-driven U.S.A based manufacturers. Our handles are engineered for durability, DIY installment, easy maintenance, and at a price that fits any budget.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Pre-engineered door handle templates
  • Original shape door handle designs
  • Eye-catching door pulls and handles

Why Main Entrance Custom Handles?

  • Low cost / Affordable
  • High-quality materials
  • Original and custom designs
  • Easy to install
  • No permit needed
  • Outstanding warranty

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    Be Proud to Display and Advertise Your Business Starting with your Front Door

    Whether you decide to choose from our array pre-engineered templates or totally original shape, we guarantee to deliver an eye-catching fixture that you will be proud to display on your business front door. Our goal is for you to be able to walk through the doors of your self-built restaurant, company, practice, or store and say, “this feels like ME!”

    Build Your Brand By Adding A Logo Or Custom-made Door Handle To Your Business Or Organization Entrance

    • Restaurants
    • Small business and shops
    • Storefront doors
    • Schools and Colleges
    • Churches
    • Corporate Franchises
    • Governmental Buildings
    • Strip malls

    Popular Uses For Custom Door Pulls and Logo Handles

    • Pizza slice door handle
    • Ice cream cone door handle
    • Coffee Mugs handle
    • Flower Bouquet handle
    • Medical Themes handles
    • Corporate logo door handles
    • Monogram door handles
    • School and College Mascots handles
    • See our gallery

    How Main Entrance Custom Handles are made?

    Custom door handles begin with an idea. Then we use state-of-the-art graphic and engineering design software to render the concept for the custom handles.

    Once we have the approved design, we move into manufacturing the product. We use CNC precision routing equipment to machine the part. Water Jet cutting equipment to obtain the desirable silhouette and then we use a powder coating process to permanently protect the handle for durability. Our custom handles are fabricated by machinists, welders, casters, finishers, and assemblers before it is ready to hang on your door. All proudly crafted in the USA

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